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Vintage Bicycles

Kardam makes handmade vintage bicycles

We manufacture our own vintage bicycles. We do it in a handmade way using 147 pieces that previously we have also designed and crafted by hand.

Our vintage bicycle is made out of latest-generation structural bars and adhesives used in Formula 1 and aeronautics among other sectors. They resist loads of over 400Kg without suffering any type of distortion. All parts, adjustments and assemblies are prepared and designed for maximum strength.

All our woods come from sustainable forests, certified forests. The woods chosen to design and develop the vintage bicycle we propose to our customers are selected for their strength, durability and beauty. They are treated with completely ecological water-based varnishes that protect the wood from the weather, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Our customers can customize their vintage bicycle by adding components and accessories, as well as inscriptions, logos, and a long etc.

The manufacture of our laminated wooden vintage bicycle and its curved shapes give us a resistance far superior to any other type of manufacture. We do not cut the grain of the wood, which would subtract a lot of resistance.  Instead we bend it and maintain all wood fibres intact, increasing its resistance with its curved shapes. The arch has been chosen as an architectural solution to cover spans for having a greater resistance.

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