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Wooden Bicycle

We are manufacturers of a wooden bicycle and we control the whole process. In other words, we design, we develop and we assemble each and every one of the pieces that our wooden vintage bicycle is made of.

We have a vast experience manufacturing bicycles and a team that offers all guarantees to provide a high-quality wooden bicycle. Furthermore, we only use the most exclusive components available on the market to ensure the best quality and functionality in essential aspects of the bicycle such as the handlebar, the gears, the brakes, the wheels, … etc… That way we match the quality level, durability and comfort, which our company wants to pass on to our customers through our wooden bicycle: Exclusiveness and satisfaction.

Our main source of inspiration is the luthiers’ tradition, who has built such precise and beautiful instruments for centuries: technique and art in perfect communion. We are always looking out for innovation, envisioning a different future, to offer our customers a new concept of vintage wooden bicycle exceeding all expectations.

Four generations dedicated to the care and treatment of wood make us proud of every bicycle we manufacture. The passion for wood and the search for new challenges were at the origin of this project and today, years later, they are still present in the effort, eagerness and commitment that define our company.

Therefore, the product we offer is not simply a wooden bicycle, but the convergence of tradition and the pursuit of innovation. All this results in offering our customers a high-quality and functional product.


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