The birth of unique Vintage Bicycles - Vintage Bicycles
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unique vintage bicycles

The birth of unique Vintage Bicycles

Vintage Bicycle enthusiasts around the city of Toledo in Spain tell the story of Vintage Bicycles Kardam founder with a glow of joy in their eyes.

It all started while working in the well-reputed local wood furniture industry years back and today continues as the most respected craftsman producing Vintage Bicycles in Spain.

As famous and reputed as Spanish guitars are around the globe, so are the Vintage Bicycles produced in Vintage Bicycles Kardam.

While in the wood furniture industry, Enrique started conceiving different objects which could be produced in wood. Being a Vintage Bicycle lover, Vintage Bicycles were of course among those objects. Wood would serve the environment as other more polluting materials would be saved, but also the best performance could be achieved correctly knowing how to bend and glue the wood into the shapes required. Enrique had that knowledge and cautiously applied it to Vintage Bicycles.

That was the beginning of Vintage Bicycles Kardam first models.

The Vintage Bicycles went then through testing and all usual product approvals.

But pure Vintage Bicycles are far more than a good performing wooden bike. Vintage Bicycles must suggest with its looks that we have taken the best from the past and placed it in our time. Even further, Vintage Bicycles are expected to stand the pass of time.

At that point Enrique understood that Vintage Bicycles Kardam needed to produce a timeless design in order to guarantee that every customer could feel they had purchased an eternal Vintage Bicycle. A design that would make customers renew their vows every time they would be tempted by younger bicycles or by appealing marketing.

To achieve what is today’s design of Vintage Bicycles Kardam, Enrique had to work and work and work. He could not afford to have any flaw in the performance while he needed the looks of our Vintage Bicycles to be something worth being faithful to.

I think he got it.

You would be amazed how faithful people are when you stay young and pretty.

You can see the results for yourself in our Vintage Bicycles Shop.

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