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vintage bicycles coast

Vintage Bicycles all along the coast

Vintage bicycles are getting more and more into our lives. Many things are considered “Vintage” these days. And Vintage Bicycles could not be less. Our Vintage Bicycles in Kardam Bikes are considered cool, stylish, fashion, trendy….but they also represent good craftsmanship, flawless quality and distinct selection...

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Wooden bikes are in good health

The first months of the year will most certainly be some of the most intense in the cycling world, more concretely, in regards with bicycle shows all around the world. In the month of February took place the London Bike show and beginning of March...

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The return to classic bicycles

In one of our previous posts we talked about Baron Karl von Drais and his invention called Laufmaschine, (“running machine”), a transportation device made out of wood, equipped with a steering wheel and with no pedals, which is considered as one of the main forerunners...

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Women riding towards equality

The 8th of March is the day chosen to celebrate the International Women’s Day. A day consecrated to dedicated worldwide to consecrate all the breakthroughs achieved through history towards the equality between men and women, but also to remind us all the discrimination and injustice...

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Modern luthiers

What does one of our vintage bicycles have in common with a Stradivarius violin? How is possible to establish a connection between the mystique of Antonio Stradivari’s violins and our custom made bikes? Are there any similarities between our expensive bicycles and the most famous...

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