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Protecting your vintage bicycle

A couple days ago we could read in the press that Ben Weyst, the regional transport minister for Flanders, Belgium, had his bicycle stolen while attending a meeting in which he was announcing an important investment in new cycling lanes around the region. He had...

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New speed record on a production bicycle

Last week, Markus Stöckl, an Austrian racing cyclist born in 1974, has set a new world speed record on a bicycle, reaching 167 km/h in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Riding his production bicycle and a specially designed suit, the Austrian cyclist has ridden straight down a hill...

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Gianni Bartali, a real hero

The small village of Ponte a Ema in the Italian Tuscany does not have more than ten buildings, still, one of them is a museum: The Gino Bartali Cycling Museum. Gino Bartali was a great cyclist born in 1914. His rivalry with Fausto Copi, the other...

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luxury wooden bicycle

Add a luxury wooden bicycle to your luxury home

Luxury homes, especially in mild and cold climates, usually have a lot of wood finishes which provide a unique sensation of warmth and comfort. Luxury wooden bicycles, like our Vintage Wooden Bicycle Allegro, are a perfect match for these homes. Let me even go a bit...

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tour france

Winning the Tour de France has never been easy

Roger Walkowiak, the oldest surviving Tour of France winner passed away on 7th of February. This French cyclist, born in Poland, has managed to win the 1956 Tour of France despite not counting among the favourites to win the race. Walkowiak has been completely overlooked...

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Bicycles and Cinema

On Saturday night, the 31st Spanish Film Awards Goyas were presented. “The fury of a Patient Man” was the big winner of the night. To this occasion, we have decided to take a look back into the history of cinema and we have gathered the best...

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Devotion and passion for detail in Vintage Bicycle Allegro

Kardam´s wooden Vintage Bicycle Allegro is all about detail. From the wooden fenders to the small metallic details. From the leather seat to the personalized selection of the most exclusive and environmentally friendly woods. So many details, such devotion for craftsmanship. It makes a difference. The experience...

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Get On The Wave

During the last Christmas holydays, Madrid council banned half of all cars from the city centre and closed the access for all cars to some of the main streets in the city centre, in order to tackle the issue pollution. The low quality of the...

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