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The origins of our Vintage Wooden Bicycles

When we first started conceptualizing our vintage wooden bicycle we were absolutely passionate about vintage bicycles on one side and very fond of wood as a material. The match of both into our vintage wooden bicycle was obvious considering the huge potential we knew wood...

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Age does not matter

The French Robert Marchand, 105 years old, will try to break his own world record in one-hour track cycling in the over-100 age group, this week. At the age of 102, he already set the record pedalling 24.25 km in one hour around the cycling track...

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“Bike” to the future

In November 2016, the Technomuseum in Manheim, Germany, launched the exhibition “2 Räder – 200 Jahre. Freiherr von Drais und die Geschichte des Fahrrades”. A retrospective exhibition showing the evolution of the actual bicycles from its first steps in 1817. On June 12th in 1817, the...

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If I can bicycle, I bicycle

The bicycle is the most popular transportation device in the world. A conservative estimate places the number of bicycles in the World at over two billion. Human needs for transportation are basic and they have existed forever. However, only recently, we have come to realise that...

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Design and sustainability can go together

Wouldn’t you like to ride one of those retro bikes from your grandparent’s black and white pictures? The design is so cool, especially, that ladies bicycle from your grandmother’s photo, with basket included. Vintage bikes are all about design. In Kardam Bikes we are crazy...

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Yes Our Vintage Bikes Can Be Considered Eco

Yes our vintage bikes can be considered eco, but they are top performing wooden machines at the same time. Responding to a very specific question received through the contact form in our Wooden Bicycle Shop about our Vintage Bicycles, we have summarized the main concepts which...

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