The finest Ladies Bike with Basket in Vintage Bicycles Kardam - Vintage Bicycles
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ladies bike with basket

The finest Ladies Bike with Basket in Vintage Bicycles Kardam

A Ladies Bike with Basket can be found easily in various websites.
All of them usually concentrate on the basket instead of on the bike. When you have a closer look at the bike described as a Ladies Bike with Basket you realise why. But you really need to focus in order to be able to see past the multicolour super shining flowers in the basket.
What you see in most ads labelled as “Ladies Bike with Basket” are older bicycles with little to no technology at all.
At Vintage Bicycles Kardam we do it differently.
Our Ladies Bike with Basket is first a high performance, top component ladies bicycle and then we offer a basket which really goes with it as an accessory. It makes sense to do it that way.
If we would be to focus on the Basket we would call it “Basket for Ladies Bike” or even “Ladies Basket for Bicycles”. We like to call things the way they are and not try to confuse our customers.
We have had the immense pleasure to produce hundreds of beautiful Ladies Bikes with Basket for many of the finest women in Europe. Or was it the finest Ladies Bikes with Basket for hundreds of beautiful women in Europe…..I always get confused.
It does not really matter. Both, Women and our Ladies Bikes with Basket, look prettier when put together. No doubt about that.
Vintage Bicycles Kardam puts a lot of effort to guarantee that its designs are a symbol of elegance. We focus on the lines, the colours, the materials, the craftsmanship, the quality and finish of the components without forgetting the performance and no-maintenance durability which is essential these days with our busy life styles.
Visit our online shop and you will see nothing like what you see in other websites. You will see a beautiful, top performance bike specially designed for ladies and a basket that can be added as an accessory. You will also find other accessories, like bags, jackets,…etc… which are designed to make your life easier on board your Vintage Bicycle Kardam.

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