Guarantee - Vintage Bicycles
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In addition, the buyer benefits from the legal guarantee in the terms established by the Spanish general Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users.

This guarantee is limited to the repair or free replacement of defective parts recognized by our technical department, not giving rise to compensation for whatever reason: including cases of immobilisation of the bicycle due to damage caused to persons or objects.

The use of the guarantee will at no point have the effect of extending it.

The guarantee applies on condition that:

  1. The bicycle is repaired by a professional.
  2. The bicycle is not transformed or modified after leaving the factory.
  3. The original parts are not replaced by other parts without the approval of the manufacturer.
  4. Malfunctions are not due to the lack of care or maintenance, to negligence or to the inexperience of the user, to an abnormal use, to a poor set-up, to faulty repairs or a temporary overload.
  5. Malfunctions are not the result of a normal wear of the parts such as: wheel covers, bulbs, chain, cables, brake shoes, deflectors etc.

All required maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrications or adjustments are excluded from the guarantee.

If for reasons beyond our control, the brakes or the deflectors have been incorrectly adjusted, or the wheels are warped, you are asked to return the bicycle in the month following your purchase. Once this term has expired you will no longer able to apply the guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover competition use.