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What makes a Wooden Bicycle “unique” and “vintage”?.

In our most recent post, we left a question standing in the air. What makes a Wooden Bicycle “unique” and “vintage”?

We always talk from the perspective of Vintage Bicycles Kardam. We manufacture unique and vintage wooden bicycles for our beloved customers and we always have in mind what they want, need and desire in order to produce the best possible product.

That being said let’s focus on our Wooden Bicycles and how we put them together.

First of all our Wooden Bicycles can be considered unique for many reasons.

Among all Wooden Bicycles in the market we pride ourselves of having the most stylish design of all. The lines in the frame of our Wooden Bicycle radiate elegance and fashion. The components used in all our Wooden Bicycles are top of the line thus not being comparable to average parts in other bikes. The manufacturing process is unique as we have a manual processing system for the wood which enables us to enhance the strength and resilience of the frame while at the same time allowing for the necessary flexibility to absorb impacts and irregularities in the road guaranteeing a perfect smooth ride.

Last but not least….the looks you get when riding on one of our Wooden Bicycles are certainly unique. So many customers have confirmed it even in writing.

Second we get to “Vintage”.

The term Vintage on Wooden Bicycles is usually misused. Any old bike is referred to as vintage.

Our Vintage Wooden Bicycles combine ancient wood processing tradition and workmanship and modern top performing components. That is what we understand is the correct definition of Vintage. A combination of the very best from the past and the present.

And that is what we have in mind when we think about what our customers want. They want true “uniqueness” and true vintage.

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