A tribute to Vintage Bicycles - Vintage Bicycles
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tribute vintage bicycles

A tribute to Vintage Bicycles

May 2017. A large group of people dressed in tweed suits, plus fours, bowties, and jaunty flat caps ride their Vintage Bicycles through London.

¿Could it be 1917 instead of 2017? ¿Are we not off by an entire century? No we are not. And this further happens every year.

The Tweed Run is a Vintage Bicycle ride with a bit of style. People take to the streets in their well-pressed best, and cycle through the city’s iconic landmarks. And along the way, they stop for a tea break and a picnic stop.

Vintage Bicycles are a good part of this run as they stand for comfort, quality, good old manners, local production and so much more. Values common to every participant.

Similarly the dress code for this Vintage Bicycle ride is classy and elegant. Vintage Bicycles should not be used in lycra fluorescent garments and orange or yellow shinny helmets. Not in this race, not anywhere. We should be consequent with what our Vintage Bicycles stand for. And with the style and looks.

There is even a website to promote this Vintage Bicycle ride and to guide the cyclists on how to participate. From etiquette to tickets, from Vintage Bicycle pictures to advice on the tea break and picnic stops.

From Vintage Bicycles Kardam we want to pay our own tribute to the events around Vintage Bicycles. It is an honour to have such initiatives in our sector, which get us so close to our roots and remind us about how and why we need to do things in a responsible manner. That is at least what we read out of this kind of initiatives and what motivates us at Vintage Bicycles Kardam to produce our Wooden Bicycles for a better world.

Traditions are something of the past in this fast changing world, but the essence and respect contained in these traditions is what keeps populations together.

Long live the Tweed Run!!

We hope Vintage Bicycles Kardam can participate in future editions and contribute its share in style and respect.

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