Vintage bicycles. How did we get to loving you so much?. - Vintage Bicycles
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vintage bikes

Vintage bicycles. How did we get to loving you so much?.

Vintage bicycles have become part of our lives. You might not see them depending on where you live, but trust me….they are there in every city, in every village,….everywhere.

You can find Vintage Bicycles in office areas being used by young fashion-loving bankers. You can spot Vintage Bicycles in parks and avenues as they are the favourite ride of entrepreneurs and hipsters these days. You can also find Vintage Bicycles in certain neighbourhoods as people use their old bikes to go shopping around or as a transport system for their day to day activities….if these last ones can be considered Vintage Bicycles and not just old bikes….that is a topic for another post though!!

Keep your eyes open for Vintage Bicycles and you I am sure you will come across so many in your daily routine.

But let’s get back to the main topic of the post. How did we get to loving Vintage Bicycles so much?

The question could well be rephrased to Why shouldn’t we, bicycle lovers, love Vintage Bicycles when enthusiasts of other specific objects do love their Vintage object more than the new ones?

This being said we can see a tendency in recent years valuing vintage articles over new articles and we, at Vintage Bicycles Kardam, think it is for a reason.

In the 80s and 90s for example the income levels of day to day middle class citizens in developed countries was much lower than it is today in comparison to manufacturing and distribution costs.

That made it difficult for almost anybody to buy a modern top performing bicycle thus making these new expensive bicycles fairly unique. And what is unique is usually valued.

Changing into our century we have seen manufacturing and distribution costs go down making new bikes more affordable. Furthermore middle class has grown considerably. What is the consequence of this? More and more people having access and purchasing new top performing bicycles. Are those bikes still unique when there are 2 or 3 very similar bicycles in your own building? No, they are not.

And what do we human like? UNIQUE.

That is the main reason why customers are turning to unique vintage bicycles. And what make a bicycle unique and vintage? We specialize in Wooden Bicycles, so we can only tell you from that point of view.

Keep posted….we will get to that soon.

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