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vintage bicycles

Vintage bicycles. Questions and Answers. Part 4.

Recently we share 3 posts on the most common questions around Vintage Bicycles. Here is the fourth and last post dedicated to Vintage Bicycles Q&A.

List of topics regarding vintage bicycles:

  1. Vintage Bicycles spare parts
  2. Vintage Ladies Bikes and Accessories
  3. Origin and identification of your Vintage Bicycle
  4. Prices of Vintage Bicycles in second hand market

Get back to previous posts to see point 1 to 3.

4. Prices of Vintage Bicycles in second hand market

Vintage Bicycles are a symbol, a gem, a precious luxury piece of art. Some of them at least.

The value of true vintage bicycles in the second hand market varies significantly depending on what shape the vintage bicycle is in and most and foremost on how and where you advertise it.

The condition of the vintage bicycle is something you can work on, if required, and with a little investment and the correct set of hands from your local bicycle specialist you will be able to bring out the most of your bike. You can also try to advertise and sell your vintage bicycle without that small investment, but take into account that if your bicycle is not at the top of its game, it could be regarded as an old piece of steel instead of like the super stylish vintage bicycle you have in mind.

The way you advertise the vintage bicycle and where you do it is also vital.

Vintage Bicycles are desired objects nowadays. Desired by people who are concerned about aesthetics. And usually they are also concerned about the world around them. Might sound a bit excessive, but take into account what vintage bicycles stand for. True vintage bicycles stand for tradition, for good old fashioned craftsmanship, for detail, for respect.

Those are the values you need to address when you advertise your vintage bicycle. In the description, in the pictures,….

Further you need to see where the potential buyers of a Vintage Bicycle are. Here you need to target cities and areas inside those cities in which people can value the above, neighbourhoods where style and class is valued. Even if you are not based in those areas you can always recur to mobile apps and websites which let you advertise the second hand product in those areas.

Follow these easy steps and you will get the most of out of your vintage bicycle.

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