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Vintage bicycles show up in public

A good percentage of our customers at Vintage Bicycles Kardam ride their Vintage Wooden Bicycles to work every morning. They work in banks, shops (some of them sell stuff actually really suited with our Vintage Wooden Bicycles), government agencies and a long etcetera. There are conscious, stylish people in every industry or business.

For them our Vintage Wooden Bicycle is not just a means of transportation. It stands for so much more.

Our Vintage Bicycles mean respect for the past, for tradition, for good quality manufacture. The wood used in the frame of our Wooden Bicycles comes from controlled forests and provides not only the extraordinary riding quality which is boosting the Vintage Bicycles Kardam brand, but also highlights the consciousness of our customers and pays tribute to mother nature.

Any given Sunday you can see groups of cyclists with their last model brand new gear and bikes going out for a friendly ride or even to races and competitions. That is not really the target customer of Vintage Bicycles Kardam.

More and more often though you can see the type of person who cares about the products they use, the impact these have on materials, environment, labor,…this is the common ground among almost all of Vintage Bicycles Kardam customers. We care as much as they do and that translates into the perfect Wooden Bicycles.

And luckily for Vintage Bicycles Kardam, for Wooden Bicycles manufacturers in general and for the rest of the world this conscious sector, these respectful people are growing in numbers and taking the street.

This process is uniquely changing the retail world as customers do no longer only value performance/money ratio or quality/money ratio, but also start thinking about the impact and consequences of their decisions.

Vintage Bicycles Kardam stays committed to ethics throughout the entire manufacturing process of its Wooden Bicycles. This means making sure that your decision of buying one of our Wooden Bicycles respects the world around us in every possible way. It means you show up in public in perfect harmony.

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