Vintage Ladies Bikes. Vintage bicycles. Questions and Answers. Part 2. - Vintage Bicycles
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vintage bicycles

Vintage Ladies Bikes. Vintage bicycles. Questions and Answers. Part 2.

Continuing the line from the last post regarding questions and answers concerning vintage bicycles, we now tackle Vintage Ladies Bikes as one of the most important sub-categories.

We were trying to put together some thoughts around several topics which embrace the majority of questions we get through email or through any other channel from our customers.

As a reminder, the list of topics was:

  1. Vintage Bicycles spare parts
  2. Vintage Ladies Bikes and Accessories
  3. Origin and identification of your Vintage Bicycle
  4. Prices of Vintage Bicycles in second hand market

We did already elaborate on the first point. Let’s get going with Vintage Ladies Bikes and Accessories.

2.- Vintage Ladies Bikes and Accessories.
Most questions around the vintage ladies bikes run around the weight and the usability of the bicycles, as most vintage ladies bikes are produced using heavy materials like steel and do not necessarily have the capacity to be adapted to the specifics of the body of a woman.

Vintage ladies bikes in Vintage Bicycles Kardam are especially suited to women in components, in its flexibility and weight and most and foremost in aesthetics.

The design of our ladies bikes considers the strength and posture of women and consequently allows adjustments in the gears, in the position of the handlebar and also in the shape of the wooden frame so as to allow women to have the most comfortable ride.

Further we have accessories perfectly suited to our design of vintage ladies bikes in order to give that extra functionality. For example baskets and bags which can be attached to your vintage ladies bike in order to help you carry around your belongings when you go grocery shopping, when you ride to the beach or when you have to carry your suitcase to a work meeting.

And it is not just any basket or any bag. We repeat….it is baskets and bags specially tailored for your vintage ladies bike. Perfectly matching in style and aesthetics while adding that point in convenience in your daily use.

In our next posts we will clarify remaining doubts in the vintage bicycle community.

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